Be a part of history, tell the world your story. Covid-19 has devastated the world and changed life for everyone. This is our moment as humans to change the narrative and make sure that history has a record of our experience. Tell Us Your Story

"A small body of determined spirits
fired by an unquenchable faith in their mission
can alter the course of history."

-- Mahatma Ghandi --

If the Corona Virus has taught me anything it is that the human spirit is never stronger than it is when we are facing adversity. It's hard to see it as we sit locked in our homes, scrolling through social media, trying to keep a finger on the pulse of of a pandemic that we can't see or control. But there is something we can control. Now is our chance to make sure history has our account of events, unfiltered by media or politics. Real history, written by those who lived it.
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Written Word

Letters, poems, short stories. However you feel comfortable sharing your experience is up to you with no limitations.


Weather it's photos of you and your family in your PPE or pictures of empty streets. We want to see what you see.


If you have used this time in quarantine to paint, draw, sculpt or sketch we would love to see your work.


Not everyone likes writing. A lot of people are shooting video to tell their story so we made sure you can upload yours.

Current News & Updates

In an effort to help you stay up to date and informed on all things COVID-19 related we have added the CDC's Micro-site as a trusted source of information and news. It is continually updated with the most current events.
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Not ready to tell your story but still want to help?

Here is a short list of my favorite charities that are making a huge impact in the lives of many affected by this global pandemic. Click on any of the links below to donate. Remember, anything helps!



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